Radiation specialists are not easily scared

In october 2018 200 radiation experts at a conference in Pascoe (WA) were asked: .

Suppose the government knocks on your door in the middle of the night and says: 'There has been a nuclear accident! Radiation is being released, You have to get out of here! Evacuate!'

How would you react to that?

Radiation safety standards are very strict, worldwide. If somewhere people risk being irradiated with an amount that - calculated on an annual basis - possibly exceeds 1 milliSievert, measures must be taken, such as an evacuation. Hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated in Chernobyl on the basis of that standard, in Fukushima the same happened. 

Many years after the Chernobyl evacuation it was concluded that it had been largely unnecessary: the released radioactivity was relatively harmless but the panic had a disastrous psychological impact. With these experiences scientists suggested at the start of the Fukushima accident to evacuate  only after the possible exceeding of a 20 milliSievert thershold. This seems to have happened, but changed back to 1 mSv as aresult of pressure from scared local govenments. Today, many doubt whether the evacuations should have taken place at all. (see here)

The  October 2018 Lowrad-conference was about how high the limits should be and this informal poll gives some insight into how the real experts view the 'radiation hazard'.

The awoken expert would of course first ask the official: how high are those radiation levels? and then decide whether to leave home or not. These were their responses:

At a radiation level of 1 milliSievert (the official standard) everyone would stay home

Same at 20 milliSievert per year

Not even at a radiation level of 50 milliSievert per year.

Two people in the 200-strong party said they would leave at a level of 100 milliSievert.

At a level of 200 milliSievert, 8-10 people would leave

Some attendees indicated that they might evacuate at lower levels but didn't know where to go, others said they would accept much higher levels too

Obviously, these are personal views, not those of the government and other institutions where these specialists work.

H/t: https://atomicinsights.com/making-sense-from-radiation-protection-control...