Theo Richel and ionising radiation

In the 1970-ies I worked as a journalist/activist for a Dutch environmentalist organisation that later became a branch of Friends of the Earth. We 'educated' the public with fear for chemicals and radiation and we even tried to sell geiger-counters to the scared so they could monitor the malevolent nuclear industry.  Then gradually it dawned on me that I didnt know what I was talking about so I started to read on the subject.. When in 1986 the npp in Chernobyl  exploded our government decided to ban the eating of fall out contaminated spinach I mentioned on the radio that I would gladly eat that. Of course I was totally ignored, but I am proud to mention it on my CV.

I left the environmental movement to write and publish against the fearmongers, which resulted in 

* The localization of Ed Hiserodt's book Underexposed - what if radiation is actually good for you?

* Several articles about the exagerrated fear for radiation (in Dutch, but here  and here are a few translated examples).

* A website at

Currently I am finishing a video for which we went to the high background radiation area of the Guarapari beaches in Brazil, to compare the levels there with those in Chernobyl.


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