Scott Ritter on dirty bombs

Scott Ritter op Telegram 26 oktober 2022, min.45

‘I dont think this dirty bomb is going to happen. It’s a stupid weapon. Its not really a weapon, its psychological. They take radioactive waste or materials, wrap them in high explosives and blow it up. You don’t get a nuclear bomb, you don’t get fusion or fission, what you get is just a bomb that scatters radioactive material. Most of it is consumed in the explosion, most of it goes in the air and comes down and a little bit is scattered around.

When the Iraqi’s in 1987  they tested 4 of these radiological bombs. The last two were dropped by aircraft, one thousand pound bombs and they blew up. Big, big, but when you then cam with your Geiger counters, the lethal dose of radiation extended to only 10 meters from the crater. If you are 10 meters from a one thousand pound bomb, radiation is the least of your worries. The bomb killed you already.

The Iraqi’s looked at it and said, this is pretty dumb and they stopped.

Israel tested radiological weapons in 20 different configurations in 2014 in the Negev desert and the got the same thing. You blow it up and concluded, it doesn’t work the way people think. There is very low contamination, its not going to kill that many people. Its for psychological purposes only.

So unless Ukraine comes up with a new way of making a new bomb and I don’t think they will do that because there is only one way to do it. The weapons aren’t going to be very effective. And then, what is the purpose,

Every nuclear reactor in the world, that is the source of this radioactive material, each powerplant gives a unique signature to the radioactive material. So if you find Zirconium95 people will look at it and they’ll be able to determine where it comes from . There is a database of this stuff at the IAEA. So if the Ukranians think they can set of a dirty bomb and blame it on the Russians, within 24 hours everybody will know where it really came from, trace it back. So unless the Ukraine has a source of radioactive material that isn’t from Ukraine . This is just a bad idea all around. And I doubt very much if the Ukraine is going to do that.


Th US has arrested people for even just talking about a dirty bomb.




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