LOVE PILLS (This story is from long before Viagra.)

It is a centuries old boys dream. You are talking to a very desirable woman and tormented with wonder how she could be seduced. When she heads for the ladies' room, there comes an opportunity: secretly you pour a Magical Chemical Substance in her drink - which is not to remain without effect. On taking a first nip, her initial coolness disappears. She becomes wild and desperate, and Oh! Does She Need A MAN!

To bed is where she wants to go, and with You Only, and she will do anything you long for! Truckloads of orgasms fall to the both of you. 'I never made love this way before', she pants, full of admiration when the party is over. You smile understanding.

Is it possible to stimulate your sex life somewhat with chemical substances? Ask a doctor and he will reply scornfully:'No - aphrodisiacs exist in man's imagination only'. But anyone prepared to explore the depths of the fascinating world of the chemistry of love will come to the conclusion that scientific literature need not always be as dry as dust, and that there are indeed chemicals that arouse a love feeling, or even a 72-hour erection (of which alas the last hours can be somewhat painful).

In the past, aphrodisiacs mainly served the purpose of causing as many erections as possible. But, of course, there is more to love and sex than erections alone: numerous biochemical processes are taking place when you are in love, excited, about to come, both in men and in women. It is not only the quantity but also the quality of sex that matters.

Do men need aphrodisiacs?

'Real' men do not of course. But where can you find these nowadays?

According to a dealer in sex aids, every man will experience a moment of sexual incompetence one day. Scientific estimates - men do not in general flaunt their misery - show that approximately 6% of the male population suffers from chronic 'impotentia erigendi' - the inability to have an erection. These people are ill and need to be treated. Many people still think that 'the' impotent man is typically a poor beggar with relational problems, something in the psychological field. But nowadays it is assumed that with half the chronically impotent men something is wrong physically, which can be treated more appropriately physically/chemically instead of sending him off to psychotherapy together with his wife!

Do women need aphrodisiacs?

This is much less clear. The reason is that in early experiments, male rats injected with the substances to be tested came onto the females like bats out of hell, with the laboratory people taking notes:'Rat B2 copulates three times - substance effective - experiment succesful'.

Nowadays, male rats are tied and attempts made to lure female rats - with perfumes for example - into the direction of the males and to leave further proceedings to the females. It sometimes works - as will become clear later on.

Furthermore, drugs are in demand which - provided they are safe - can enhance our joie de vivre somewhat, especially now the Aids threat forces us to become more loyal to our partner.

ALCOHOL - We start with a resource which is to no avail generally. Ages ago, it was Shakespeare who phrased it in the following way :'It provokes the desire, but takes away the performance'. Taken in small quantities, it could facilitate contacts between people,but then again, who will stick to small quantities?

Furthermore, it has been ascertained that any consumption of alcohol has in fact a negative influence on the ability to make love. With men, anyway, there are indications that women derive more pleasure from lovemaking or indulge in it more easily under the influence of alcohol, but substantial evidence does not exist.

Ten years after, this writer still blushes with shame when he thinks of the one occasion when he was banging this nice girl, being blind drunk and going about it monomaniacally and completely without joy. Even ten bouquets of roses which he gave her could not take away his feelings of guilt.

CLOMIPRAMINE is a 'remedy' against depressions, but according to a canadian scientific magazine, it did have strange effects with four people: they had an orgasm whenever they yawned. It stopped when medication was ended. One of the women said she could excite her own orgasm by yawning. Another woman said she had this irresistible sexual desire. One of the men was extremely hindered by his ejaculations and had a condom over his penis most of the time. Another was so upset by the effects of yawning that he had to lie in bed up to fifteen minutes long every time he yawned.

Of course, these are merely cases in which it is not yet clear whether they were caused by this medicine or not. We know of a related drug - Imipramine - that it causes injections in the penis, so we need not be surprised.

COCAINE According to reports, cocaine makes you experience sex more intensively, be it on your own: you are inclined to go and get your own satisfaction and your partner may feel like a means to an end. Cocaine is often used as a seduction drug. If you succeed in making a woman sniff some, she could end up running after her own satisfaction, and the mere idea seems to attract men. It could turn out to be a deception though, with men complaining they are being used as a sex object.

There is a doctor in California who thinks cocaine could be used to treat frigidity. Many wild stories tell of women who owe their first orgasm to cocaine.

But cocaine is dangerous. It can be addictive and cause spontaneous heart failure. Californian doctor Gawin confirms this but adds that it is used on such a large scale that many people probably know how to handle it without a hitch. 'And considered the fact that we use morphine in hospitals, I think it is perfectly O.K. to help people who have sexual problems by giving them coke'.

CREAMS - Because readers' service is valued most, I tried a few drugs myself. We received a set of creams from a dealer friend in sex aids which - once put onto the penis - were to have 'erektionsfordernde Wirkung'. Well well. One cream (active ingredient: para amino acid benzylester) made my glans glow faintly and put me peacefully to sleep.

Another cream contained nicotinic acid isopropylester and had to be rubbed onto the shank. It was a tough and sticky substance which needed a lot of massaging to do; therefore research results were not valid. My prick remained a funny oily brush till late next afternoon. By the way, the dealer already had confided to me that he put more trust in his porno films.

FEROMONES - In a British sex magazine, aerosols with which to make oneself irresistible are frequently advertised. Does it work? With pigs there is no doubt about it: a small dose of a sex hormone is sprayed into the nose of the sow, and the immediate result is that the sow gets excited and prepared to mate with a boar.

A dentist once tried this aerosol in his waiting room. The chair which had been scented did have the ladies' preference. Warning: some of the ladies think the odour is absolutely disgusting.

MINCED PRICK - At least one quarter of the worlds population, viz. the Chinese, is convinced that aphrodisiacs serve a purpose. As a result of three thousand years of medical science, the chinese can buy the most bizarre drugs in local chemists shops. I own a preparation with one part of minced dog prick, one part of minced donkey prick, one part of minced stag prick, vitamins and methyltestosterone hormone in it. Furthermore, the chinese are convinced that it is useful to strip a deer of its antlers once in a while and to consume the bloody contents of the horns. Proprietors of old rhinoceros can make a fortune in China. Again Chinamen are convinced that this makes for a fabulous sex drug.

Strangely enough, they are not allowed to produce a second child and contraceptives are available only on presentation of a marriage certificate. For fear of being socially excommunicated, pre-marital sex has been reduced to a minimum. Prostitution is said not to exist. No doubt the chinese consume a lot of aphrodisiacs, but for what purpose then?

HALLUCINOGENS - These are drugs like LSD and Peyote. Experiences tend to vary. Some people are not affected, while others claim incomparable results.

Hallucinogens could add another dimension to sex: more affectionate, more mystical, thus inducing a feeling of amalgamation (written in capitals of course). These drugs turn sex into something of 'being together' . They enhance the experience of the uniqueness and beauty of your partner. It is important though to like each other and to have experience with these drugs when you start experimenting with them.

Peyote is said to increase pleasure and LSD and psylocybine to enable sexual intercourse to last longer. LSD and psylocybine are also said to cause typical role behaviour: males behave very male -like, females very female-like. Since experiences with these drugs are difficult to predict they are rather useless in therapy.

MARIHUANA is said to enlarge the sensations of sexual intercourse with experienced users, notably in the domain of touch, taste and orgasm. It makes you experience new things and more intensively too. It could be used in sex therapy, as an aid to people to get to know feelings which would remain unknown otherwise.

Nowadays, this therapy often involves exercises for partners in which they have to stroke each other all over the body, except the genital parts. However, since this therapy is unsuccessful in many cases, marihuana could be of assistance.

I have some experience with hashish myself, which was special indeed - but it was in a situation in which touching each other's genitals was explicitly on the programme. Scientific literature boasts a large number of enthusiastic treaties on the use of marihuana in lovemaking. It seems pointless to discuss this with your local doctor. Please note that excess use of hashish and marihuana could result in impotence.

METAPHETAMINE (Perfetine) is a very powerful drug which removes all sexual timidity in some people and releases with frightful fervour a whole range of repressed sexual activities. The interest in fetishism, sodomy, bisexuality, group sex and agression is thought to increase.

 There are reports of a woman who changed from a frigid woman into a woman who enjoyed being licked by a dog after she had been treated with this drug. Likewise, a man took to paedophilic behaviour. A heterosexual turned into a very promiscuous homosexual. Another man went masturbating lying on the pavement and invited ladies passing to go and sit on top of him. These drugs entice people into doing things they would never have done before.

Both the hangover caused by these substances and their susceptibility to abuse, together with the impotence resulting from this, make amphetamines risky substances indeed.

NUTMEG has been used as an aphrodisiac in the Near East and India since ages. Rumour has it that it is also used in prisons since nothing else is available here. Formula: eat one spoonful of nutmeg. Something like sexual excitement does indeed seem to take a hold over you. Next thing you have a hangover which does not measure up to the pleasure you got from the drug. It can make you very ill indeed. Not recommended therefore.

PAPAVERINE - One of the better documented penises in this world is undoubtedly the one belonging to the London professor in physiology, G.S. Brindley.

During a period of two years, he injected his penis no fewer than 35 times with chemicals. He discovered that papaverine, being a non habituating opium preparation, could cause major erections, and reliable at that too. Brindley describes how his erections would persist even during the lenght of extremely boring phone calls and dull scientific labour. He deemed mere suggestion out of the question.

Several urologists all over the world now use papaverine to treat impotent patients with, and both doctors and patients speak very favourably of it. It is to be expected that papaverine shots will make an entrance in brothels before very long. It doesn't increase the maximum number of orgasms one can have though.

Injecting people with papaverine could result in erections which last six or seven hours on end. There is a story that it lasted 72 hours with one person. Then the erection started to become a 'threat' to the owner (blood vessels could have been damaged) and medical intervention was necessary. Fortunately this is an exception.

POPPERS (Amyl nitrite). Poppers have a good reputation in homosexual quarters. They are used in medicine when cardial problems exist. They are said to intensify orgasms, making them brief but intense and sometimes to lengthen duration of them. It is also claimed that they relax the orbicular muscle of the anus, highly appreciated by homosexuals. They can be dangerous.

SPANISH FLY - Rather than a fly this is a crushed South European beetle (Cantharides). Spanish Fly is a dangerous drug when taken in the quantity needed to arouse sexual passion. The results claimed can be attributed to the fact that this drug caused an infection of the urinary passages, which is accompanied by a burning feeling.

In 1954, an English office clerk wanted to seduce two female colleagues and offered them icecream which he had 'fortified' with Spanish Fly. However the ladies showed little interest in sex: both of them died. The clerk was accused of manslaughter. He confessed and was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

Cantharides is also used in a strongly diluted solution in homeopathie. As a sex drug it is too dangerous.

TESTOSTERONE is a hormone which is produced by both sexes but much more in males. Some impotent men do not have enough testosterone of their own which rationalizes the decision to give them some extra. Opinions vary as to whether healthy men are able to derive pleasure out of extra testosteron; some say they are, others deny. 

In the former German Democratic Republic a highly placed scientist claimed that homosexuality is caused by a lack of male sex hormones during pregnancy. He was investigating the possibility of injecting pregnant women with this hormone and adding extra testosterone. By doing this, he wanted to prevent more homesexuals from being born. Why this was necessary, he couldn't explain.

YOHIMBINE is extracted from the West African Coryanthe Yohimbe tree and has been used as an aphrodisiac since ages.

Yohimbine is said to cause erections and tinglings in the pelvis and send warm shivers down the spine and to enhance pleasure from sexual intercourse and orgasm in both sexes.

Yohimbine was in fact proved a stimulant of sexual motivation with laboratory animals. Rats of which the genitals had been anaesthetized displayed increased mating activities when injected with Yohimbine, although they did not really feel anything in the genital parts! Scientists considered this proof enough that Yohimbine is a stimulant of 'sexual motivation'. There have been several experiments with people and from these we can conclude that Yohimbine is of assistance to impotent men in 20% of the cases. This figure does not seem very impressive until you become a case yourself. The effects of swallowing Yohimbine are apparent only after two to three weeks. There are a lot of side effects when Yohimbine is taken in large doses.

 Therefore it should not be used without a doctors supervision, if you can find one who knows anything about the subject. In the United States a girl of sixteen had to be in hospital for 36 hours after Yohimbine had become available in the streets; she had fallen ill after taking a quarter of a gramme of Yohimbine. Theo Richel (1986c)



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