In the 1970-ies I worked as a journalist/activist for a Dutch environmentalist organisation that later became a branch of Friends of the Earth. We 'educated' the public with fear for chemicals and radiation and we even tried to sell geiger-counters to the scared so they could monitor the malevolent nuclear industry.  Then gradually it dawned on me that I didnt know what I was talking about so I started to read on the subject.. [Lees verder]

Bernard L. Cohen

Plutonium is constantly referred to by the news media as "the most toxic substance known to man." Ralph Nader has said that a pound of plutonium could cause 8 billion cancers, and former Senator Ribicoff has said that a single particle of plutonium inhaled into the lung can cause cancer. There is no scientific basis for any of these statements, as I have shown in a paper in the refereed scientific journal Health Physics (Vol. 32, pp. 359-379, 1977). Nader asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to evaluate my paper, which they did in considerable depth and detail, but when they gave it a "clean bill of health" he ignored their report. When he accuses me of "trying to detoxify plutonium with a pen," I offered to eat as much plutonium as he would eat of caffeine, which my paper shows is comparably dangerous, or given reasonable TV coverage, to personally inhale 1000 times as much plutonium as he says would be fatal, or in response to former Senator Ribicoff's statement to inhale 1000 particles of plutonium of any size that can be suspended in air. My offer was made to all major TV networks but there has never been a reply beyond a request for a copy of my paper. Yet the false statements continue in the news media and surely 95% of the public accept them as fact although virtually no one in the radiation health scientific community gives them credence. We have here a complete breakdown in communication between the scientific community and the news media, and an unprecedented display of irresponsibility by the latter. One must also question the ethics of Nader and Ribicoff; I have sent them my papers and written them personal letters, but I have never received a reply. [Lees verder]

You already knew that submarines can be propelled by a nuclear power plant and possibly also that on Mars a car rides with plutonium as fuel. But it’s likely news that experiments are going on  with airplanes that use uranium or other nuclear material to stay airborne. A flying nuclear power plant, but unmanned, so it is essentially a drone. It is a secretive project, but it is clear that at least one of these drones has taken to the air. [Lees verder]

Geëvacueerde mensen in FukushimaThe number of casualties caused by the radiation that was released in the Fukushima accident is zero and will probably stay zero. We have stated that on this website multiple times and there is no reason whatsoever to change that position. But even when some gloomy expectations come true and radiation indeed kills people it remains highly doubtful whether their numbers will add up against the casualties claimed by the evacuation of 100.000 people. Let’s try to make up the balance. Was there any need for this evacuation? [Lees verder]

The number of future cancer deaths as a consequence of the disaster in Chernobyl has been adjusted downward from tens/ hundreds of thousands to 4000, but even this estimate may be way too high. It is quite likely that the bookkeepers of Russian health will one day have to register a cancer deficit among the people who were irradiated in 1986. That many people in that area do NOT have cancer as a result of their extra dosis of radiation.  [Lees verder]

According to the media, the environmental organizations and the general public the area around the power plant of Chernobyl that burned down in 1986, will be impossible to live in for many hundreds of years. Nuclear experts are a lot less pessimistic. The Polish professor Zbigniew Jaworowski (1927-2011) calls the evacuation of 300.000 people even ‘nonsensical’ and the Ukrainian government has decided to make the larger part of the Forbidden Zone freely accessible in the near future because the radiation levels there are so low (more on that later). [Lees verder]