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The World Health Organisation has unbanned DDT and now considers that pesticide a major tool in the fight against malaria, the dreaded disease that hits half a billion people and kills 1-2.7 million each year ( mostly sub-Saharan children). Many have expressed their happiness about this and expect that malaria will soon be dealt a final blow,  but that may be a bit too early because this WHO decision may be one barrier less for the use of this ‘weapon of mass survival’: the resistance against the use of it is still considerable. [Lees verder]

Der Niederlaender Chriet Titulaer (47) ist von der Zukunft begeistert !

šberall in der Welt taucht er in den Laboratorien der Universit„ten und in Betrieben auf und wuerde am liebsten den Untersuchern ihre Arbeit aus den Haenden reissen [Lees verder]

Dall'Olanda una ricetta per unire davvero il continente tanti piccoli Stati federati [Lees verder]

The number of future cancer deaths as a consequence of the disaster in Chernobyl has been adjusted downward from tens/ hundreds of thousands to 4000, but even this estimate may be way too high. It is quite likely that the bookkeepers of Russian health will one day have to register a cancer deficit among the people who were irradiated in 1986. That many people in that area do NOT have cancer as a result of their extra dosis of radiation.  [Lees verder]