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Europa a 15? Meglio a 75

Dall'Olanda una ricetta per unire davvero il continente tanti piccoli Stati federati

Nations still smiles apart
Alle de andre er dumme og grimme
Diebe, Tulpen, Pickelhauben
Mentally unbanning DDT

The World Health Organisation has unbanned DDT and now considers that pesticide a major tool in the fight against malaria, the dreaded disease that hits half a billion people and kills 1-2.7 million each year ( mostly sub-Saharan children). Many have expressed their happiness about this and expect that malaria will soon be dealt a final blow,  but that may be a bit too early because this WHO decision may be one barrier less for the use of this ‘weapon of mass survival’: the resistance against the use of it is still considerable. From inside the the WHO, from Africa, and from Europe and other tradepartners.  Africans fear malaria, but they have learned to fear DDT just as much.

Deadly assumptions: Radiation and Risk

The number of future cancer deaths as a consequence of the disaster in Chernobyl has been adjusted downward from tens/ hundreds of thousands to 4000, but even this estimate may be way too high. It is quite likely that the bookkeepers of Russian health will one day have to register a cancer deficit among the people who were irradiated in 1986. That many people in that area do NOT have cancer as a result of their extra dosis of radiation. 

Das Haus der Zukunft

Der Niederlaender Chriet Titulaer (47) ist von der Zukunft begeistert !

šberall in der Welt taucht er in den Laboratorien der Universit„ten und in Betrieben auf und wuerde am liebsten den Untersuchern ihre Arbeit aus den Haenden reissen

ONE EUROPE? You must be joking
Ich hab dir nie einen Tulpengarten versprochen. Hollands angste vor der Gemeinschaft