Theo Persoonlijk

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When my eyeproblems appeared in 2006 I immediately consulted the PubMed database and concluded based on 
the articles I found that I must have a Naion.  (I am a journalist so the visit of this DB is normal procedure). The Naion-diagnose was (a lot) later confirmed by an ophthalmologist at 
Louvain university. While digging in the PubMed database I also found that Naion like problems manifested 
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Beautiful song, no pretense, Brel did it better, but I like to sing. (Brel, Brassens, Bécaud, Beatles, Chrissy Hynde, Dylan). [Lees verder]

Dit Dylan lied is een vd mooiste liedjes die ik ken. Gecoverd door velen, hier door mij.  [Lees verder]

L'original est de Gilbert Bécaud, ici ma version. [Lees verder]